To bridge the gap between school and community, to restore the historic town of Brownsville, PA to economic and social prosperity, and to foster pride in the hearts of our people - This is the mission of the Brownsville chapter of Students In Action.

For over a decade, the Students In Action team from the rust-belt town of Brownsville in the Pittsburgh region has spearheaded complete economic revitalization of their town, addressing issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion and poverty in their town. This year the SIA team from Brownsville Area High School found the greatest need in the library, which was in danger of closing due to lack of funds and stagnating use.

The team created a teen space at the library, giving their peers a safe space to learn about the world and each other, while and bringing new funds and attention to this vital community resource, and integrating it into their larger downtown project plan to creatively lead the revitalization of this “not-to-be-forgotten” region. This team planned and executed 13 projects, raised nearly $2,250 and impacted 2500 individuals, involving 100% of the student body. Our Brownsville SIA Team was recognized this June as THE TOP STUDENT SERVICE TEAM in the entire USA.